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Figure 4

From: Deletion mutagenesis of large areas in Plasmodium falciparum genes: a comparative study

Figure 4

Agarose gel electrophoresis of deletion mutant PdxK PCR products. Schematic representations of the wild type (A) (gene size 1536 bp) and the 618 bp deletion mutant (B) (gene size 918 bp) PdxK genes inserted into a pASK-IBA3 vector (vector size ~3100 bp). Wild type PdxK is shown in red while the deletion mutant PdxK is in green. The agarose electrophoresis gel of the deletion mutagenesis PCR product is given in (C) indicating the wild type product of ~4600 bp and the deletion mutant at ~4000 bp produced by the RE-mediated inverse PCR method. M) 1 kb marker, 1) wt PdxK, 2) RE-mediated inverse PCR product.

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