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Table 2 Deletion mutagenesis efficiency results for the different protocols used. Five clones were analysed for each of the different PCR-based mutagenesis methods based on duplicate PCR experiments.

From: Deletion mutagenesis of large areas in Plasmodium falciparum genes: a comparative study

Primer pair Mutagenesis method PCR product analysed with agarose gel electrophoresis Restriction enzyme mapping with Hind III Deletion efficiency confirmed with nucleotide sequencing (%)
P1 QuickChange™ site-directed method No product NA 0
P2 Overlapping primer method 7 kb ~3900 bp
~3100 bp
P3 ExSite™ method No product NA 0
  Inverse PCR method 7 kb ~3900 bp
3100 bp
  RE-mediated inverse PCR method 7 kb ~3900 bp
~3100 bp
P4 RE-mediated inverse PCR method 4.6 kb Eco RI linearization site removed 100