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Figure 1

From: Changes in var gene mRNA levels during erythrocytic development in two phenotypically distinct Plasmodium falciparum parasites

Figure 1

Transcriptional profiles of NF54/3D7 var genes in two phenotypically different parasites. Quantification of all the var transcripts normalized against seryl-tRNA synthetase and shown as log10(relative copy number) in (A) and (B) and as pie charts in (C) at different time points during the intra-erythrocytic life cycle of NF54 and NF54VAR2CSA. (C) shows only expression of full-length var genes. (A) and (B):blue – msp1 (was used for monitoring the different stages), green – PFL0935c (dominant transcript in NF54), grey – var1csa, red diamonds – var2csa (DBL4 primers), red circles – var2csa (DBL2 primers), red rectangles – var2csa (5' UTR primers). (C): light green – PFL0935c, red – var2csa (DBL2 primers). pi – post invasion

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