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Table 1 Definitions of terms used in the study

From: Self-reported use of anti-malarial drugs and health facility management of malaria in Ghana

Clinical diagnosis Diagnosis based on clinical assessment of the patient by a medical practitioner
Laboratory diagnosis Diagnosis based on the presence of plasmodia parasites in the blood film of patients.
Correct dosage Standard dosage of the anti-malaria drug recommended for complete treatment of the disease, based on mg/kg body weight or that recommended in the STGs*
Wrong or inappropriate use Wrong dosage, wrong frequency and/or wrong duration of therapy
Uncomplicated malaria Mild to moderate malaria without complications
Moderate to severe malaria Malaria with symptoms leading to the patient being detained or admitted but without complications
Severe malaria Malaria with complications and evidence of high parasitaemia
Clinical cure Rapid resolution of signs and symptoms of malaria associated with improved well being of the patients
Treatment failure Worsening of fever and other symptoms or death after initiation of therapy