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Figure 1

From: Malaria transmission pattern resilience to climatic variability is mediated by insecticide-treated nets

Figure 1

Time Series: A Plasmodium falciparum malaria cases, B P. vivax malaria cases, C Temperature (°C), D Precipitation (mm), E Population at risk (solid), F Monthly slide examination rate (slides*1000/population at risk), the dashed line corresponds to the breakpoint, August 1990, estimated using the F statistic, and the solid lines at the bottom of the graph to the confidence intervals (February 1990, May 1992) the thick-black solid line is the Kolmogorov-Zurbenko adaptive filter implemented with a half window size, q, of 36 months, the breakpoint is December 1991, the blue line corresponds to the breakpoint obtained using the CUSUM (march 1990). The mean rate (± S.D.) of slide examination before the breakpoint (August 1990) was (51.22 ± 11.40) being reduced to (25.92 ± 11.56) after it. Statistical tests of significance can be seen in Additional file 3.

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