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Figure 2

From: SURFIN4.1, a schizont-merozoite associated protein in the SURFIN family of Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 2

surf 4.1 copy numbers and transcription pattern. A). Rt-QPCR analysis of surf4.1 copy numbers in 3D7AH1, 3D7S8, FCR3, FCR3S1.2 and 7G8 parasite strains revealed FCR3 and FCR3S1.2 to have six copies relative to the other strains. The relative copy number determination was conducted using seryl-tRNA synthetase as the endogenous control gene. B). Rt-QPCR reveals that surf4.1 transcription is initiated at ≈32 h post invasion and peaks during late schizogony. FCR3 shows ≈5-fold higher level of transcription compared to 3D7S8 at 44 h post invasion, corresponding well to the gene copy number abundance in respective genomes. Results are visualized as log2 transformed values.

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