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Figure 4

From: SURFIN4.1, a schizont-merozoite associated protein in the SURFIN family of Plasmodium falciparum

Figure 4

Localization of SURFIN 4.1 in respect to other merozoite associated proteins by immunofluorescence staining. A). Co-localization study between rat anti-SURFIN4.1 and rabbit anti-EBA175 was carried out on 3D7S8 air dried monolayers. EBA175 is a micronemal protein hence localizes at the merozoite apex. The parasite nucleus was stained in blue using Hoescht. In the intact schizont SURFIN4.1 and EBA175 partially co-localize as shown in the merge of the two photos. B). Co-localization between SURFIN4.1 (green) and SURFIN4.2 (red) is observed in the intact schizont as indicated by the yellow colour in the merged photos. In the ruptured schizont on the other hand, SURFIN4.1 (green) is spread around the merozoites (blue) while SURFIN4.2 (red) is observed as a distinct dot on the merozoite (blue). The merge of the two colocalization patterns shows that SURFIN4.1 (green) colocalizes with SURFIN4.2 (red) even though SURFIN4.1 (red) is more spread out around the merozoite compared to SURFIN4.2 which is present at the apex of the merozoite (red). C). A graphical outline of a merozoite showing locations of known merozoite proteins, MSP1 and EBA175 in relation to SURFIN4.1 and SURFIN4.2 is depicted here. MSP1 is shown in green surrounding the merozoite, EBA175 is shown in the micronemes, SURFIN4.1in orange shown as patches of MAM around the merozoite and SURFIN4.1 in red as MAM at the apical end of the merozoite.

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