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Table 1 Officers approached for interview on malaria IPTp operational issues at national level

From: Prospects, achievements, challenges and opportunities for scaling-up malaria chemoprevention in pregnancy in Tanzania: the perspective of national level officers

Respondents Selection criteria and sample size
NMCP officers Five officers at the national malaria control programme (NMCP) were involved, including the Manager and Deputy Manager of the NMCP, two officers from the Case Management of Malaria (CMM) and Malaria in Pregnancy (MIP) Unit and the Epidemiology Unit. Officially, these officers: (a) are responsible for planning, supervision, monitoring and evaluating of NMCP activities in all the 121 districts in Mainland Tanzania; (b) regularly interact with malaria policy-makers and private sector partners on malaria control issues and do receive reports from all the districts which they use for execution and developing national strategic plans for malaria control (Mwisongo et al., 2007 [49]); (c) periodically supervise, monitor and evaluate the implementation of district health plans (Dr. Alex Mwita, other NMCP officers per comm.).
MOHSW Officers Two officers including the former Director for Preventive Services (DPS) and one Pharmacist from the Pharmaceutical Unit were involved. The officer who was acting as the DPS from late 2006 was approached for at least personal communication. The former DPS who retired in 2006 provided detailed information based on his experience with interaction with the NMCP and MOHSW on consultancy activities. His successor was appointed by the President in 2007 while this study was in the last stages of its implementation. As a former regional medial officer, he had was considered for interacting with the national level officers on NMCP issues.
Representative of Private health-care service providers The private sector agencies involved in health care service provision was represented by the Faith-based (Church) organizations' representative, particularly the Christian Social Services Commission (CSSC) of Tanzania.
  1. *NMCP – National Malaria Control Programme