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Figure 1

From: Acquisition of naturally occurring antibody responses to recombinant protein domains of Plasmodium falciparum erythrocyte membrane protein 1

Figure 1

Proportion of individuals in each age group recognizing recombinant domains. Sera from 1222 individuals older than six months, was tested for reactivity against each recombinant protein in turn using ELISA. Responses were scored as positive if the mean OD obtained was greater than the mean OD plus 3 standard deviations of a panel of 20 non-malaria exposed donors. The solid grey bars refer to individuals resident in Chonyi and the hatched bars to individuals resident in Ngerenya. a) DBL1α, b) CIDR1α, c) DBL2β, d) DBL4γ, e) DBL5β. P-values given are chi-squared for trend, C = Chonyi N = Ngerenya.

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