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Figure 3

From: The M18 aspartyl aminopeptidase of Plasmodium falciparum binds to human erythrocyte spectrin in vitro

Figure 3

Relative enzymatic activity of r Pf M18AAP over a pH and temperature range. Graphs showing the relative activity (%) of rPf M18AAP over a pH (left) and temperature (right) range. The pH range included pH values of the parasite food vacuole (pH 5.0–5.4), the parasite cytosol (pH 7.3–7.4) and the erythrocyte cytosol (pH 7.2–7.3). The temperature range was chosen to cover the temperature within the mosquito (26°C) and the human erythrocyte during normal (37°C) and fever (39°C) conditions.

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