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Figure 4

From: Insertion polymorphisms of SINE200 retrotransposons within speciation islands of Anopheles gambiae molecular forms

Figure 4

Sequence alignment of S200 X6.1 and flanking regions in the Anopheles gambiae s.l. Nucleotide substitutions at each position are indicated with the appropriate nucleotide. Deletions are denoted by dashes (-). The nucleotide deletion of 26 bp in the flanking region of S200 X6.1 for A. arabiensis corresponds to positions 82–107. Deletion at positions 124–353 corresponds to the absence of the S200 X6.1 element in A. gambiae S form, A. quadriannulatus A, A. arabiensis and A. melas. Target site duplications (TSDs) are underlined.

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