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Table 2 SINE200 primer list.

From: Insertion polymorphisms of SINE200 retrotransposons within speciation islands of Anopheles gambiae molecular forms

Locus SINE200 coordinate Primer pair (forward/reverse) Product size (bp) Annotated genes (in 20 Kb)
S200 X6.1 Chromosome X: 5'-TCGCCTTAGACCTTGCGTTA-3' 479 AGAP001076
  22951445–22951671 5'-CGCTTCAAGAATTCGAGATAC-3'   (CYP4G16 gene)
S200 X6.2 Chromosome X: 5'-TCGGGCCAATATAACACAC-3' 588 AGAP001094
  24225524–24225731 5'-AGGCGCCATGTACGTAACC-3'   
S200 2L20A.1 Chromosome 2L: 5'-TGCCCTGTTCAAGATTTCAT-3' 564 none
  641051–641259 5'-GGTCACTCACGCATACCGTCT-3'   
S200 2L20A.2 Chromosome 2L: 5'-ACGCCAGACGGTTTCATATC-3' 611 none
  977287–977497 5'-CCTATCTTTAATTTATATTCGC-3'   
S200 2L20B.1 Chromosome 2L: 5'-AACCTTACAATACACAAGAAC-3' 495 AGAP004725
  2796669–2796889 5'-CAGGAAAACGACTACTCGAAC-3'   AGAP004726
S200 2L20B.2 Chromosome 2L: 5'-CGCGTTGATTAATAATCCCAC-3' 483 none
  1191908–1192118 5'-CCAGTCTCTGGACATGCTG-3'   
S200 2L20B.3 Chromosome 2L: 5'-TTATCTGCGCGTGAGTGG-3' 515 Intron of AGAP004691
  1276754–1276921 5'-ATACCGCCTAAACGCATG-3'   (LIM gene)
S200 2R12D Chromosome 2R: 5'-AGAATGAATTGTATGGAACAGG-3' 535 AGAP002640
  24868905–24869106 5'-CTATTAAATGTGTCTCGCTCG-3'   (GPR-OR38 gene)
  1. SINE200 locus names, chromosomal locations and coordinates, PCR primers, 'filled' PCR product sizes and annotated genes within 20 Kb including the SINE200 loci investigated are indicated by Ensemble Gene ID, gene names are in brackets.