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Table 2 Major stakeholders, partners and respective responsibilities

From: Integrated vector management: The Zambian experience

Major Stakeholders Name of Organization Responsibilities
Government, Bilateral and Multilateral Organizations
Ministry of Health National Malaria Control Centre (NMCC) Plans, coordinates, monitors and evaluates activities
  Provincial Health Office Plans activities and monitors implementation
  District Health Office Provides staff, transport, mobilizes partners and conducts implementation
  Medical Stores Limited Distributes commodities
Bilateral/Multilateral Organizations USAID, WHO, HSSP, JICA, MACEPA, IVCC, MTC Provides logistical and technical support, conducts monitoring and evaluation
Academic/Scientific institutions TDRC, UNZA Provides technical support and monitoring
Ministry of Defence Zambia Army Provides transport and staff
Ministry of Environment Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) Regulates, insecticide storage and judicious use
Ministry of Housing and local government Local authorities (Municipal councils) Provides staff, transport and implements interventions
Private Sector
Mining and Agricultural Companies Konkola Copper Mines, Mopani Copper Mines, Kansenshi Copper Mines, Bwana Mkubwa Mine and Chambishi Mines, Nakambala Sugar Plc Technical assistance on capacity building, provides additional workforce, supplements governments efforts by increasing coverage of interventions
Chemical Companies AVIMA, BAYER, ECOMED, SYNGENTA, CHEMTALK, CROPPACK, Hudson Manufacturing Company Provides stewardship, transportation, disposal of empty sachets, Technical assistance on capacity building
Collaborative public-private sector partnerships Valent Biosciences Corporation Supports operational research on larval source management
Non Governmental Organization (NGOs)
Social Marketing Organization Society for Family Health Spearheads social marketing of ITNs
Non Profit making Organization Zambia Malaria Foundation Coordinates ITNs distribution by NGOs
Community members Community Health Workers Implementation of activities