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Table 3 Climate data

From: Reduced paediatric hospitalizations for malaria and febrile illness patterns following implementation of community-based malaria control programme in rural Rwanda

  December 2005–January 2006 December 2006–January 2007
Average daily high temperature (°C) 24.29 25.22
Average daily low temperature (°C) 7.04 3.99
Average daily temperature (°C) 15.67 14.6
Cumulative rainfall (cm) 135 127
Average daily humidity (%) 68.79 74.9
  1. Temperature, humidity, and rainfall data for December and January of the pre-intervention and post-intervention periods are shown. Data were obtained from the national weather station in Kayonza, the weather station closest to Rwinkwavu. Results were not available for February 2007 so these data are limited to December and January in the pre- and post-intervention periods.