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Figure 2 | Malaria Journal

Figure 2

From: Antibody response dynamics to the Plasmodium falciparum conserved vaccine candidate antigen, merozoite surface protein-1 C-terminal 19kD (MSP1-19kD), in Peruvians exposed to hypoendemic malaria transmission

Figure 2

αMSP1-19kD IgG level dynamics in 79 P. falciparum infections. αMSP1-19kD IgG level dynamics in 79 P. falciparum infections: During, approximately one month Before and approximately one month After infection, are shown while grouping by age. The box-plot shows the median (symbols), first, and third quartile boundaries boxed off and data range (the whiskers are drawn not including the <3 outliers per group, although all data are included when calculating the median and quartiles).

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