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Table 1 Suggested brand names for IPTi

From: Development of behaviour change communication strategy for a vaccination-linked malaria control tool in southern Tanzania

Suggested brand name Literal translation Intended message Remarks
SHOKA An axe IPTi will chop down malaria as an axe does for trees Could be perceived as a harmful tool
MKIWA None Mpango wa Kinga ya Watoto i.e. a strategy for protecting children MKIWA in Swahili language also stands for an orphan or hopeless person
LENGA Target/shoot/aim at IPTi targets malaria, anaemia and other child problems There is no direct malaria-EPI and child link
OKOA Save To convince the mothers that this strategy saves lives No direct malaria-EPI and child link
SHAMIRI Flourish Children will grow well and happily without diseases No direct malaria-EPI link
MWAMBA A rock IPTi sounds like a rock where children can hide from malaria No direct malaria-EPI link
NGUZO A pillar If a child leans on this strategy he/she will not fall down because of malaria and anaemia. No direct malaria-EPI link
MKINGE Protect him/her Brand name MKINGE draws from the word kinga that mothers often use for vaccines. When part of the phrase "MKINGE mtoto wako dhidi ya malaria" (prevent your child from malaria), MKINGE gives a positive image for IPTi linked to both malaria prevention and routine vaccinations