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Figure 3

From: A tool box for operational mosquito larval control: preliminary results and early lessons from the Urban Malaria Control Programme in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Figure 3

Example of a sketch map, aerial picture and field map. A. Sketch map of TCU no. 40 in Kurasini ward, Shimo la Udongo neighbourhood, as drawn by the responsible CORP. Features comprise plots with continuous numbering, streets, drains, agricultural areas and ponds. B. The same area on an aerial picture. The yellow lines connect identical features on the sketch maps and the aerial picture. C. The same area on the laminated map used in the field. The features to be mapped (TCU boundaries and numbers) were marked with non-permanent red marker pens. D. Project management team discussing over the field map of a whole ward, and deciding on necessary follow-up actions. Reproduced from Dongus et al. 2007 [28].

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