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Table 1 Altitude, annual climate, malaria incidence rates (estimated from the number of RDT-positive cases who were residents of the locality where each health centre is located and using the population of the locality as denominator) and RDT positivity rates at the four sentinel sites in Uganda and Kenya*.

From: Determinants of the accuracy of rapid diagnostic tests in malaria case management: evidence from low and moderate transmission settings in the East African highlands

Site Altitude
Average temperature
Average annual rainfall
Malaria incidence rates
per 1000 per year
Overall RDT positivity rate
Bufundi, Uganda 2291 16.1 884 15.6 5.8
Kilibwoni, Kenya 2065 17.0 1,424 43.2 7.9
Sengera, Kenya 1816 18.9 1,709 3.4 42.2
Kebisoni, Uganda 1670 20.1 1,007 359.8 52.3
  1. *Patients who had a travel history in the two weeks before the tests were done were excluded from the data presented in the table.