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Table 2 Outputs of the best-fitting logistic regression model for factors associated with the probability of obtaining true negative HRP2-based RDT test results at Kebisoni, Uganda.

From: Determinants of the accuracy of rapid diagnostic tests in malaria case management: evidence from low and moderate transmission settings in the East African highlands

Factors Odds ratio Standard error P
Area (Kebisoni relative to baseline = Kilibwoni) 0.002 0.002 < 0.0001
Age (years) 1.017 0.005 0.002
Presence of fever at the time of presentation (relative to baseline = absence of fever at the time of presentation) 0.275 0.073 < 0.0001
January (relative to baseline = December)* 1.173 0.367 0.609
February (relative to baseline = December)* 1.414 0.458 0.285
March (relative to baseline = December)* 2.623 1.026 0.014
  1. Previous intake of antimalarials, a clinic visit in the previous two weeks, travel outside the district in the previous two weeks and sex were not significantly associated with the dependent variable.
  2. * Significance of the combined effect of months: Chi-squared at 3 degrees of freedom = 8.57, p = 0.0356.