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Figure 3

From: A general SNP-based molecular barcode for Plasmodium falciparum identification and tracking

Figure 3

TaqMan assays quantify alleles within DNA mixtures. Relative amounts of each allele within a mixture of known amounts of indicated DNA were determined to correspond to the quantity of input DNA in the mixture. The relative ratios of Dd2:HB3 shown as green dots in panel A; and ratios for Dd2:3D7 and VS/1:HB3 shown on the X-axis for panels B and C, respectively. The major (red dots) and minor allele (blue dots) calls for 32 pure parasite DNA samples which type with either one or the other allele are indicated in Panel A. Panels B and C show the CT (threshold cycle) for the relative ratios of the indicated DNA samples for the 06_000145472 and 13_000158614 assays respectively. The closed squares indicate amplification of the allele labeled with VIC® dye and the open triangles indicate amplification of the allele labeled with FAM™.

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