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Table 2 Types of costs included in the analysis of the ITN and IRS programmes.

From: Costs and consequences of large-scale vector control for malaria

  ITN Programmes IRS Programmes
Capital cost Buildings Buildings
  Vehicles Vehicles
  ITNs (retail cost & subsidies)1 Sprayers
  Other equipment Other equipment
  Start-up costs2  
Recurrent cost Insecticide (when separable from nets) Insecticide
  Personnel Personnel
  Fuel/maintenance Fuel/maintenance
  Management cost/training & meetings Management cost/training & meetings
  Office/warehouse rental Office/warehouse rental
  Supplies/overheads Supplies/overheads
  Recurrent building costs Recurrent building costs
  Advertising and promotion3 Basic evaluation and monitoring (excluding specific research costs)
  Basic evaluation and monitoring (excluding specific research costs)  
  1. 1Procurement costs in Eritrea and Togo, subsidies plus user payments in Senegal, Tanzania, and Malawi.
  2. 2Economic costs which arose before outputs of those programmes occurred; these costs apply in Tanzania, Senegal and Malawi; they accounted for fewer than 3% of total economic costs in all cases.
  3. 3Information, education and communication, health promotion, direct or indirect advertising and promotion subsidies or other similar activities.