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Table 1 Time line of key events

From: Costs and effects of the Tanzanian national voucher scheme for insecticide-treated nets

Time Activity
Mar 2002 Contract signed with GFATM
Nov 2002 Agreement signed between MoH and GFATM
Mar 2003 GFATM Funds arrive
Apr 2003 ITN cell leader appointed with funds and technical assistance from Swiss Development Corporation and Swiss Tropical Institute
Oct 2003 Programme Assistant and advisor appointed
May 2004 Tender for contractors issued
Jun 2004 Contract issued to logistics and training contractors
Jul 2004 Roll out planning begins
Sep 2004 Rollout training begins Regional training begins for voucher redemption
Oct 2004 Contracts issued to auditors and monitoring and evaluation contractors
Oct 2004 TNVS scheme formally launched Voucher distribution begins phased roll-out by district
May 2006 100% nationwide coverage achieved