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Table 1 Rates of malaria by elevation and proximity to predicted wetness

From: Topography-derived wetness indices are associated with household-level malaria risk in two communities in the western Kenyan highlands

   Household elevation
   Above median Below median
Distance to wettest locations Above median 25.7 (21.2–30.2)
RR = Reference
49.8 (37.3–62.3)
RR = 1.93
  Below median 70.6 (57.0–84.3)
RR = 2.75
97.4 (88.6–106.2)
RR = 3.74
  1. Malaria rates per 1000 person-years (95% confidence intervals) and relative rates (RR) during 2003–2004 for houses located higher and lower than the median elevation for their community and closer or farther than the median from locations of highest predicted wetness.