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Table 1 Original dosage of artesunate (A) in 50 mg tablets and mefloquine (M) in 250 mg tablets*

From: Cost of increasing access to artemisinin combination therapy: the Cambodian experience

Packages of artesunate and mefloquine Weight Age Day D1 D2 D3
    Morning Evening   
A+M2 16 – 24 kg 6 – 10 years 1M+1A 1M+1A 2A 2A
A+M3 25 – 34 kg 11 – 14 years 1M+1A 2M+2A 3A 3A
A+M4 35+ kg 15+ years 2M+2A 2M+2A 4A 4A
  1. * The dosages are being modified in 2008