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Table 2 Cost of packaging and tablets

From: Cost of increasing access to artemisinin combination therapy: the Cambodian experience

Cost of packaging1 Cost per blister (US$)
Aluminium foil 0.0267
PVC 0.0115
Individual boxes 0.0340
Large boxes (for 100 individual boxes) 0.0048
Ink for printing on box2 0.0020
Package insert 0.0010
Cost of drugs Cost per tablet (US$) 3
Mefloquine 250 mg (Mepha®) 0.3696
Artesunate 50 mg (Gui Lin®) 0.0725
Artesunate 200 mg (Mepha ®) 0.3323
  1. 1The cost of the aluminium foil and PVC included freight and storage. Other products were available locally and the cost is the price paid inclusive of delivery and storage.
  2. 2Although the printing costs for the Malarine® products was higher than A+M because of the amount of coloured ink used, only an average cost of ink was available.
  3. 3Including 5% wastage and 3% freight.