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Table 4 Summary of the annual fixed costs of the outreach and VMW interventions (not including RDTs and drugs)

From: Cost of increasing access to artemisinin combination therapy: the Cambodian experience

  Cost (US$)
  Outreach VMW
Basic annual fixed running costs   
(excluding expatriate co-ordinator and start-up)   
Personnel (including cost of supervision) 5,422 20,270
Transport 2,224 37,850
Other (equipment, overheads) 739 10,738
Sub-total 8,385 68,858
Additional costs   
Annual salary of co-ordinator (20% allocation for outreach, 100% for VMW) 4,643 24,000
Initial start-up cost annualized over 5 years (Total $4,710 for outreach and $40,000 for VMW) 869 7,384
Sub-total 5,512 31,384
Total annual cost 13,897 100,242