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Table 2 The value of gains and losses associated with malaria control in Nepal (1980 prices).

From: Malaria eradication: the economic, financial and institutional challenge

Category Gains Losses
Marginal product of land Max. of Rs 1,300 per ha and probably rather less  
Marginal product of settlers Approx Rs 2,700 per ha  
Loss of marginal product of land in source areas of migrants   Unknown but probably small
Loss of marginal product of settlers in source areas   Approx Rs 1,200
Loss of marginal product of forested land   Minimum of Rs 220–400 per ha of agricultural land gained
Cost of malaria control   Average of Rs 25 per ha per year of control programme
Cost of agricultural investment   Rs 63–110 per ha per year
Ecological damage   Unknown
Gains and losses of indigenous population in settlement areas Unknown Unknown
Increased output and productivity of indigenous population Small  
Costs associated with larger population   Only to a small extent attributable to malaria control
  1. Nepali Rs 16.46 = £1 (1980). Source: [16]. Tab.2.7. from Chp.2 "The Impact of Malaria Control on the Economic Development of Nepal" by Anne Mills from "Health Economics Research in Developing Countries" By permission of Oxford University Press.