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Figure 2

From: Impact of child malnutrition on the specific anti-Plasmodium falciparum antibody response

Figure 2

Anti- P. falciparum IgG levels according to height-for-age z-score of stunted preschool children. Individual ΔOD are presented and bars indicate the median value for each group. 2A, Mildly stunted children (n = 84, -2.5 < HAZ <-2.0) vs controls (n = 84, children with HAZ and WHZ ≥-2). 2B, Severely stunted children (n = 58, HAZ ≤ -2.5) vs controls (n = 58, children with HAZ and WHZ ≥ -2). Statistical significance between groups is indicated (Wilcoxon signed rank test).

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