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Table 2 Effect of methanol concentration and induction time on recombinant protein yield

From: Optimizing expression of the pregnancy malaria vaccine candidate, VAR2CSA in Pichia pastoris

   Methanol concentration and induction time
   0.50% 1%
Construct   48 h 120 h 120 h
var2csa 7G8 DBL5 Q2000-T2318 1.2 mg/L 0.9 mg/L Nt
var2csa IT DBL2-ID2 D517-G1229 0 0 0
var2csa IT DBL3 L1221-E1541 0.1 mg/L 0.375 mg/L 1 mg/L
var2csa 3D7 DBL5 N1888-T2291 0.21 mg/L 0.46 mg/L Nt
var2csa 7G8 DBL4-DBL5 G1578-2318 0 0.1 mg/L Nt
var22 IT DBL3 G1180-N1488 0 nt 0.75 mg/L
var18 IT DBL3 N1247-D1545 0 nt 0.125 mg/L
  1. P. pastoris clones were grown overnight at 0.9 L to build biomass and protein was induced at 0.3 L scale at different durations and methanol concentrations. nt, not tested.