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Table 1 Laboratory infrastructure deficit origins and solutions (modified from [2])

From: An informatics model for guiding assembly of telemicrobiology workstations for malaria collaborative diagnostics using commodity products and open-source software

Deficit Origins Potential solutions
Lack of laboratory consumables [M] Emphasize importance of laboratory testing [C]
Lack of basic essential equipment [M] Balance the allocation of financial resources [M]
Limited numbers of skilled personnel [C] Establish system for laboratory accreditation [C]
Lack of educators and training programs [C] Implement laboratory training programs [C]
Inadequate logistical support [M, C] Routinely monitor test quality [M]
Insufficient monitoring of test quality [C, M] Encourage public/private partnerships [C]
Decentralization of laboratory facilities [C] Develop affordable, rapid diagnostic tests [M]
Lack of governmental standards [C] Strengthen existing healthcare structure [M]
  1. M = Measurement related, C = Communication related