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Table 2 Random Effect Poisson Regression for malaria cases in El Oculto and Aguas Blancas, north-western Argentina

From: Malaria transmission in two localities in north-western Argentina

  El Oculto Aguas Blancas
  IRR Standard Error P IRR Standard Error P
Intercept Maximum 0.003 0.070 0.001 0.132 0.257 0.015
Mean temperature 1.332 0.243 0.003    
Rainfall accumulated 1.009 0.003 0.001    
Mean temperature     1.592 0.400 0.004
Mean humidity     1.092 0.076 0.023
  1. First column indicates the climatic variables that were take into account in this study in El Oculto and Aguas Blancas localities; IRR: Incidence Rate Ratio indicates the influence of each variables in the locality, the Standard Error as well as the P value were calculated.