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Figure 3

From: Implementation of a novel PCR based method for detecting malaria parasites from naturally infected mosquitoes in Papua New Guinea

Figure 3

Banding pattern of the Cytb -PCR using infected human blood. (A) Image showing 729 bp Cytb-PCR amplified products of the DNA extracted from human blood infected with P. falciparum (lane 1), P. vivax (lane 2), P. malariae (lane 3) and P. ovale (lane 4). (B) The same samples after PCR-RFLP showing a single 729 bp fragment specific for P. vivax (lane 6), P. malariae (lane 7) and P. ovale (lane 8); and two 438 bp and 291 bp fragments specific for P. falciparum (lane 5). The products were run on 2% agarose gel with 100 bp ladder as molecular size marker (M).

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