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Table 1 Time line of events in the implementation of an insecticide treated nets subsidy scheme under a Public – Private -Partnership for malaria control in Tanzania

From: Implementation of an insecticide-treated net subsidy scheme under a public-private partnership for malaria control in Tanzania – challenges in implementation

Year Key National Factors Key Global Factors
1984 – 1994 Research in Tanzania on insecticide treated nets in experimental huts and small-scale field trials  
1994 Kunduchi Meeting, Dar-es- Salaam on 'Net Gain'* – first international/broad discussion on social marketing of ITNs  
1996 British Council Meeting, Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania Essential Health Intervention Project (TEHIP) invites stakeholders to discuss on 'How to measure mortality impact in populations,' prior to the launch of the Demographic Surveillance System in Rufiji. The KINET project was conceptualised here  
1994 – 1996   Randomized controlled trials on the impact of ITNs on overall childhood mortality
1996 DRC – Development of home-treatment kit for the treatment of mosquito nets  
1997 International Advisor from the Tanzania Essential Health Project and Director of Promotional Services International approach A to Z Textile Mills on the issue of increasing production on mosquito nets (This was during the International Public Health Association meeting in Arusha). First International Conference on Bed-nets and other treated materials for the prevention of malaria**, Washington, USA
  The Tanzania Essential Health Intervention Project (TEHIP) is launched in Rufiji and Morogoro Rural  
1998 Meeting at White Sands Hotel, Dar-es-Salaam to discuss Marketing Challenges in the Promotion of ITNs***. This was a multisectoral meeting involving both the public and private and the NGO sector. Major agenda was the rationalization of taxes and tariffs on ITNs in Tanzania The Roll Back Malaria Partnership is created
1998 – 2001 First and second phase of social marketing of Insecticide treated nets – Population Services International  
1999 Three textile manufacturing companies scale up production of mosquito nets [A to Z Textile Mills and Sunflag Textile industries in Arusha and Tanzania Textile Manufacturing Limited (TMTL) in Dar-es-Salaam] Second International conference on Insecticide treated Nets for the prevention of malaria, Dar-es-Salaam****
  Ad hoc meeting of a decides to go to national scale  
  Multilateral Initiative for Malaria (MIM) – Dar-es-Salaam  
1999/2000 Rationalization of Taxes and tariffs on mosquito nets. Legislation is passed mosquito nets are zero rated VAT and import duty. Mosquito nets are classified under the essential drug list. Polyester yarn is still levied 20% VAT but is refundable to the manufacturer on production of relevant documents  
2000/2001 Insecticides for treating mosquito nets are zero rated VAT and import duty, polyester yarn is also zero rated VAT and import duty  
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