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Table 2 Time line of events in the implementation of an insecticide-treated nets subsidy scheme under a public-private partnership for malaria control in Tanzania (period from 2000 to 2006)

From: Implementation of an insecticide-treated net subsidy scheme under a public-private partnership for malaria control in Tanzania – challenges in implementation

Year Key National Factors Key Global Factors
2000 Finalization of large scale social marketing programme on ITNs in South-East Tanzania (Abdullah et al 2000; Schellenberg et al 2001)  
  Meeting with stakeholders on 'Going to Scale with Insecticide Treated Nets' in Tanzaniał  
  A strategic plan on scaling up of ITNs in Tanzania is developedłł  
  Multisectoral task force is formed to spearhead the implementation of ITNs in the country  
  Speech by the His Excellency the President of the United Republic of Tanzania; President William Mkapa at a fund raising dinner for the comprehensive control of malaria in Zanzibar  
2001 Terms of reference for ITN Steering Committee and Consultative group developed
Task force is therefore converted to an 'ITN Steering Committee' chaired by the Chief Medical Officer of the MOH
2002–2003 Third phase of social marketing of Insecticide treated nets (SMARTNET) – Population Services International  
2002 An implementation plan for scaling up of ITNs in Tanzania is developed GFATM awards Tanzania 19.8 million USD for the NATNETs project for a period of 3 years
  All locally produced mosquito nets are bundled with an insecticide re-treatment kit  
  Submission of a proposal on the National Insecticide Treated Nets implementation (NATNETs) plan support to the GFATM Round 1  
  Reintroduction of VAT on raw materials for the production of mosquito nets by the MOF  
2003 ITN team leader recruited at the beginning of year and Administrator and Communication Officer recruited at the end of the year. Financial support towards the technical staff for the ITN cell made available through SDC. Proposal prepared by STIłłł and NMCP International community advocate for free nets
  Steering Committee reconstituted, reflecting a much more narrower committee  
  Development Cooperation Ireland contribute financially towards the NATNETs programme  
  Sensitization of members of Parliament on the disease burden of malaria, its impact on the economy and strategies for its prevention with emphasis on the use of ITNs  
2004 Implementation of the NATNETs project delays until October 2004 – launch by Honourable Vice President  
  Districts officially informed to examine ways in which existing ITN activities (revolving fund, sale of nets by health facilities and free distribution of ITNs) can be phased out once the TNVS is introduced in respective districts  
  Price WaterHouse Coopers is appointed as the Local Fund Agent for the NATNET project  
  TNVS Advocacy Meeting to Regions in the First Roll out Phase and other stakeholders, Morogoro  
  Launching of LLIN produced by A to Z by the Honourable President of the United Republic, Benjamin Mkapa  
2004 – 2005 An additional net manufacturing company becomes operational established in Northern Tanzania; Motex Textiles Ltd  
2005 SDC supports second phase of the ITN cell up to 2008. Proposal prepared by STI and NMCP World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland – Honurable former Head of State – Benjamin Mkapa receives a donation towards malaria control in Tanzania
  Monitoring and Evaluation of the TNVS by IHRDC and LSHTM – 2005 and 2006  
  The United Republic of Tanzania invests in scale-up of Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets in the A to Z Textile Manufacturing company in Arusha through building a road to the new manufacturing site and provision of water  
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