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Table 1 Kenya's Current Malaria Treatment Policy

From: Reviewing the literature on access to prompt and effective malaria treatment in Kenya: implications for meeting the Abuja targets

Condition Recommendation Dosage Form Strength
Uncomplicated malaria (First-line treatment) Artemether-lumefantrine Tablet 20 mg Artemether + 120 mg Lumefantrine
Uncomplicated malaria (Second-line treatment) Quinine Tablet 200 mg
300 mg
Severe and complicated malaria    
Pre-referral treatment Artemether injection Injection Adult: 80 mg/ml
    Pediatric: 20 mg/ml
  Artesunate injection Injection 60 mg/1 ml ampoule
  Artesunate rectal caps Suppositories 100 mg
    400 mg
IV/IM phase Quinine Injection (IV or IM) 300 mg/1 ml ampoule
    600 mg/2 ml ampoule
Continuation phase Quinine Tablet 200 mg
    300 mg
Prevention of malaria in pregnancy Intermittent Preventive Treatment (IPTp) using SP Tablet Sulphadoxine 500 mg; Pyrimethamine 25 mg
Treatment of uncomplicated malaria in pregnancy Trimester 1: Quinine Tablet 300 mg
  Trimester 2 & 3: Quinine or Tablet 300 mg
  Artemether-Lumefantrine Tablet 20 mg Artemether + 120 mg Lumefantrine
Treatment of complicated malaria in pregnancy The treatment of pregnant women with severe malaria shall be the same as the treatment of severe malaria in the general population.
  1. (Source: DOMC 2006)