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Table 2 Sensitivity and specificity expresessed as perecentarge of microscopy and ICTs (BINAXNOW and CARESTART) as alternately compared to QPCR and microscopy as gold standard method.

From: Multiplex real-time quantitative PCR, microscopy and rapid diagnostic immuno-chromatographic tests for the detection of Plasmodium spp: performance, limit of detection analysis and quality assurance

Assay type QPCR Microscopy
Sensitivity Specificity Sensitivity Specificity
Microscopy 86.22 99.63 NA* NA
BINAXNOW 83.67 99.26 86.47 93.58
CARESTART 85.2 99.26 88.24 93.58
QPCR NA NA 99.41 90.88
  1. * NA - Not Applicable