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Figure 3

From: Augmented particle trapping and attenuated inflammation in the liver by protective vaccination against Plasmodium chabaudi malaria

Figure 3

Cellular composition of the spleen during P. chabaudi malaria. Vaccinated (black columns) and non-vaccinated (gray columns) mice were infected with 106 P. chabaudi pRBC and spleen cells were isolated on the days indicated. The frequency (A) and total number (B) of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, F4/80+ macrophages, Gr1+ granulocytes, B220+ B cells, and CD244+ NK cells among nucleated spleen cells are given as means + half S.E.M. **, p < 0.01 vs. non-vaccinated control on the same day p.i. *, p < 0.05 vs. non-vaccinated control on the same day p.i.

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