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Table 1 Parameter estimations and initial conditions.

From: Modelling malaria incidence with environmental dependency in a locality of Sudanese savannah area, Mali

Parameters Definitions Estimations
α number of bites per Anopheles per night 0.27
β probability of a susceptible human becoming infected after one single infected bite 0.1
γ probability of becoming resistant after being infected or contagious 0.01
δ probability of becoming susceptible after being resistant 0.04
ζ probability of a susceptible Anopheles becoming infected after one single bite on a contagious human 0.01
ξ basic Anopheles mortality per day * 0.014
μ basic Anopheles density * 1
η 1 probability of acquiring contagiousness 0.05
η2 probability of loosing contagiousness 0.75
ν basic length of gonotrophic cycle * 0.1
θ Time lag of NDVI influence (days) 15
τ lowest value of the NDVI influencing Anopheles behaviour 0.25
S(0) initial proportion of susceptible human 0.45
I(0) initial proportion of infected not contagious human 0.5
G(0) initial proportion of contagious human 0.05
R(0) initial proportion of resistant human 0
  1. * these basic values were modified by NDVI.