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Table 2 Disulfide linkages in CSA-binding DBL domains

From: Structural insights into chondroitin sulphate A binding Duffy-binding-like domains from Plasmodium falciparum: implications for intervention strategies against placental malaria

  Strain and DBL domain Disulfide linkages based on A4 DBL 3X Additional predicted disulfides Likely free cystein(s)
  A4 3X crystal structure 8 - None
1 3D7 3X 7 - 2 (C1212, C1558)
2 3D7 2X 4 C793 and C920 10 (C540, C543, C592, C732, C733, C786, C797, C815, C855, C901)
3 A4 2X 3 C795 and C910
C817 and C877
9 (C544, C547, C599, C617, C734, C788, C799, C807, C929)
4 3D7 5ε 3 C2004 and C2041 2 (C1995, C2165)
5 A4 5ε 3 C2010 and C2047 2 (C2001, C2171)
6 3D7 6ε 3 - 7 (C2334, C2385, C2480, C2539, C2602, C2604, C2625)
7 A4 6ε 3 - 8 (C2331, C2383, C2478, C2493, C2535, C2597, C2599, C2628)