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Table 1 Prevalence and intensity of P. yoelii and fungal infection in An. Stephensi

From: Thermal behaviour of Anopheles stephensi in response to infection with malaria and fungal entomopathogens

  Insects held at constant 26°C Insects exposed to the gradient
  Prevalence Oocyst burden (± SEM) Prevalence Oocyst burden (± SEM)
P. yoelii 72.4% 19.4 ± 3.20 70.7% 32.5 ± 7.78
P. yoelii + F52 63.2% 27.2 ± 5.53 80.3% 25.2 ± 3.67
  1. Infection status of An. stephensi at day 8 post infection with P. yoelii. Mosquitoes were infected with P. yoelii only or P. yoelii and the fungal isolate F52 in combination. "Insects held at 26°C" were kept in the insectary throughout the study period whereas "Insects exposed to the gradient" were housed in the same insectary at all times apart from a 30 minute period every day where their thermal preference was determined on the gradient. "Prevalence" indicates the percent of mosquitoes that had a least one oocyst per midgut and "Oocyst burden" indicates the mean (± SEM) number of oocysts found per midgut.