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Figure 3

From: Ecological and genetic relationships of the Forest-M form among chromosomal and molecular forms of the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto

Figure 3

Posterior probabilities of karyotype and microsatellite based Bayesian cluster analyses. The boxplots were drawn after collecting posterior probabilities of 5 independent runs. The medians were drawn as thick black lines. Some boxes appear as a single line because the range of the posterior probabilities is too narrow to show as a box. Outliers are shown as open circle (). A: Clustering of individuals into seven groups (K = 7) was the most probable solution for molecular form and karyotype data. B: Analysis of clustering of genotypes at 20 microsatellite loci yielded several outcomes with relatively high likelihood. Liklihoods for K = 4, K = 5 and K = 7 are similarly distributed (Wilcox twosample test, P > .05).

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