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Figure 2 | Malaria Journal

Figure 2

From: Towards high-throughput molecular detection of Plasmodium: new approaches and molecular markers

Figure 2

Plasmodium prevalence measured by microscopy and molecular methods. Significant (exact McNemar tests) differences in prevalence rates of Plasmodium spp. infections (n = 337) were detected by microscopy, "standard" nested PCR (Std), 18S rDNA-based nested PCR and Dot-blot detection (dot18S), and by cytochrome b-based nested PCR and SNP identification (CYTB). The proportion of mixed infections detected by the molecular methods was also considerably higher than by microscopy (43.7% for Std, 47.2% for dot18S, and 38.9% for CYTB, compared to 10.7% for microscopy).

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