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Table 1 Interpretation of test results of the FK60 for the detection of P. falciparum infection

From: Test characteristics of two rapid antigen detection tests (SD FK50 and SD FK60) for the diagnosis of malaria in returned travellers

  Microscopy result
Test line(s) visible P. falciparum
(asexual and/or gametocytes)
P. vivax, P. ovale or P. malariae or
no parasites seen
   Incorrect results:
Unique HRP-2 line or
Both HRP-2 + pLDH lines
True-positives - False positive reactions among "no parasites seen"
- Species misidentifications (non-falciparum species diagnosed as P. falciparum)
  Incorrect results:  
No test line or
Unique pLDH line
- False negative reactions among P. falciparum samples
- Species misidentification (P. falciparum diagnosed as non-falciparum species)