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Table 1 Suggested further reading

From: Conceptual framework and rationale

Historical perspective  
First SIT programme in Florida against the screwworm [45]
Biography of E.F. Knipling with references to his most important papers [46]
Use of sterile insects with reduced competitiveness and multiple mating of females [47]
Use of sterile insects, conditional lethals, hybrid sterility etc. [48]
Immigration of fertilized females and density dependence [49]
Genetic basis of sterility  
Genetic and non-genetic sterility and early review of the screwworm programme [50]
Genetic mechanisms involved in radiation sterilization [51]
Genetics of radiation sterilization and review of genetic sexing strains [32]
Field programmes  
Operational genetic control programmes for vectors [52]
Field programme successes and failures [53]
Fruit fly eradication in Japan [54]
SIT and transgenesis  
Inducing molecular sterility using genetic transformation [55]
Integrating SIT with a transgenic release and review of mosquito SIT programmes [8]
Modelling the use of molecular sterility [56]