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Figure 4

From: The kinetics of antibody binding to Plasmodium falciparum VAR2CSA PfEMP1 antigen and modelling of PfEMP1 antigen packing on the membrane knobs

Figure 4

The interaction of monovalent Fab fragment of PAM 3.10 with VAR2CSA DBL5ε. Association and dissociation of the Fab fragments of PAM 3.10 to a high density of VAR2CSA DBL5ε on the sensor chip surface. The frequency change is shown as a function of time and the black lines show the data from binding experiments with different concentrations of the PAM 3.10 Fab fragment to the surface-bound protein. The red lines show the curve fit for the dissociation phase only. The dissociation rate constant calculated is given on the sensorgram.

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