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Figure 1

From: Alpha-tocopherol transfer protein disruption confers resistance to malarial infection in mice

Figure 1

Parasite proliferation inhibition in α-TTP knockout mice. (A) Survival rates of α-TTP knockout mice (α-ttpΔ) infected with P. berghei NK65 were significantly longer than that of BALB/c and C57BL/6J mice (p < 0.01). (B) Percentages of parasitaemia for individual animals of each genotype. (C) Percentage of parasitaemia of α-TTP knockout mice infected with P. yoelii. (D) All α-TTP knockout mice infected with P. yoelli 17XL survived with lower parasitaemia. The inset graph refers to a different scale of parasitaemia. (E) Malaria pigment (arrows) seen in the spleen of C57BL/6J mice but not in α-TTP knockout mice on day 9 after infection with P. berghei NK65 (n = 6). *: p < 0.05 C57BL/6J vs BALB/c; **: p < 0.01 C57BL/6J vs α-ttpΔ in panel A.

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