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Table 2 Capacity development activities supported by MCTA

From: Sustainable development of a GCP-compliant clinical trials platform in Africa: the Malaria Clinical Trials Alliance perspective

Physical Infrastructure
Refurbishment of clinical facilities in hospitals and health centres - providing room and fittings for consenting, out-patient and inpatient monitoring facilities, radiology and pharmacy
  Supporting acquisition of critical equipment to ensure study subject safety and study endpoint determination - X-ray equipment and nursing care equipment
  Refurbishment of laboratory space and purchase of equipment for clinical chemistry, haematology, malaria diagnosis, bacteriology, sample processing, QC/QA system,
  Refurbishment and equipping of data management infrastructure
  Refurbishment and equipping clinical trial administration infrastructure
Capacity development Site mentorship by senior scientists who have been involved in site development
  Networking of the sites to encourage sharing of good practices and development of collaborations.
  Creating visibility of the sites in country and the region by facilitating media interaction