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Table 6 Overall performance to discriminate asymptomatic malaria cases

From: Towards a precise test for malaria diagnosis in the Brazilian Amazon: comparison among field microscopy, a rapid diagnostic test, nested PCR, and a computational expert system based on artificial neural networks

Diagnostic method Correct diagnosis
True positive
True negative
False positive
False negative
Microscopy 61.25 22.5 100 0 77.5
56 70 28 72 30
Epidemiologic + cytokines
80 67.5 92.5 7.5 32.5
  1. MalDANN: Malaria Diagnosis by Artificial Neural Networks. This diagnostic software was trained on the sample of 300 individuals actively screened for asymptomatic malaria and was validated in 80 other individuals, according to the methods. The diagnostic methods presented significantly different results estimated using the Chi-square test. §correct diagnosis involves both negative and positive correct exams. **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.0001.