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Table 4 Concerns about GM mosquitoes.

From: Perspectives of people in Mali toward genetically-modified mosquitoes for malaria control

General concerns about the GM mosquito project Total*
Project will not work  
   • GM mosquitoes will transmit malaria like wild mosquitoes 30
   • Offspring of wild and GM mosquitoes will transmit malaria  
   • A release will therefore lead to more malaria-transmitting mosquitoes  
   • GM mosquitoes won't be adapted to conditions in Mali/Africa  
   • Malaria parasite will develop resistance to the antimalarial gene  
   • GM mosquitoes will only partially solve the malaria problem  
Human health concerns  
   • GM mosquitoes will transmit other diseases 25
   • GM mosquitoes will transmit AIDS  
   • GM mosquitoes will be resistant to insecticides  
   • GM mosquitoes will transmit a strain of malaria for which humans have no acquired immunity  
   • Accidentally eating GM mosquitoes will cause illness  
   • GM mosquitoes won't transmit diseases where they are developed; but will transmit diseases in Mali/Africa  
General bad consequences  
   • GM mosquitoes won't cause problems where they are developed; but will cause problems in Mali/Africa 14
   • GM mosquitoes will adapt and become dangerous  
Environmental concerns 6
Cost to the community 4
  1. * Number of interviewees