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Figure 5

From: Using serological measures to monitor changes in malaria transmission in Vanuatu

Figure 5

Profile likelihood plots (PLPs) for PfMSP-1 19 and PfSE for a) Northern Tanna b) Northern Tanna Highlands c) Southern Tanna and d) Aneityum. Profile likelihood plots (PLPs) show the log likelihood of a catalytic conversion model allowing for a change in transmission occurring at iterative years. The maximum log likelihood is the time point at which a change in transmission is most likely to have occurred. Plots for PfAMA and the two P. vivax antigens showed no discernible peaks. The plots for Northern Tanna and Aneityum suggest a change in transmission occurred approximately 30 years ago, whilst the PLP for Southern Tanna suggests a more recent change between 10 and 20 years ago.

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